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Why Join Us

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Why Join Us?

If, as a former student of the Sindh Medical college, Karachi, Pakistan, you would like to assist in procurement of the following objectives, become a member of the Sindh Medical College Alumni Association of North America (JSMUAANA).

  • To keep in touch with the former students and promote contacts between them and to promote the image of the Sindh medical college
  • To provide current students and alumni with opportunities to relate with one another to participate in continuing education programs and to stay informed about their College.
  • To convert all the data of graduates of Sindh medical College into an electronic form for easier utilization in document verification for different licensing purposes.
  • To create a directory of all the graduates of Sindh medical college residing in different corners of North America with regards to their professional affiliation.
  • To serve as a bridge between the College and the alumni in their professional careers and document verification needs for licensing purposes in different states of USA.
  • To help the Alumni residing in different parts of the world form their own Alumni organization which will ultimately bring more resources to Sindh Medical College.
  • To promote the contribution of alumni as ambassadors of the JSMU and as active partners in the attraction of future students.
  • To provide grants for those academically excellent students who lack the economic resources to study at the Sindh Medical College.
  • To cooperate in obtaining resources for the objectives of the Sindh Medical college.
  • To help Sindh medical college become one of the finest medical colleges of Pakistan.
  • To help the current students at Sindh Medical College build a more favorable relationship with their teaching hospital Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical centre and act as a Liaison in minimizing any misunderstanding between them.
  • To help the current students become a part of Sindh Medical College Students Alumni Association to further their understanding of their future goals.
  • To help Sindh Medical college Alumni Association of Pakistan provide a platform for all the graduates residing in Pakistan and provide a venue for social and professional interaction to all the graduates around the globe by holding the Annual Winter Meeting in Karachi.
  • Transforming Sindh Medical College into a University for better educational and learning opportunities for the students so they can practice Medicine of the highest standard anywhere in the world.
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