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Message from Treasurer JSMUAANA

Treasurer JSMUAANA 2023

Farrukh Shamim

I want to thank our JSMUAANA team for giving me this opportunity to be a part of the executive committee. It was a great learning experience. I became a doctor because I was never interested in mathematics but this last year, I have worked on lots of profit and loss excel sheets. It feels like I am an accountant now.

JSMUAANA is a great organization which is working closely with our Alma Mater JSMU in Karachi.

Our Alumni in the US has supported many projects in JPMC and JSU. Our Alumni raised funds for recent devastating floods in Pakistan. The JSMUANNA endowment fund has supported many students who were affected by the flood.

JSUMANNA is a great resource for new graduates who are coming to the USA. Our experienced graduates from different specialties have guided the new generation in all aspects.

We need to make our alumni stronger by linking it professionally. It takes a village to bring a change and make an organization more powerful. I highly encourage our new graduates to join JSMUAANA.

Farrukh Shamim

Treasurer 2023, JSMUAANA

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