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Message from JSMUAANA President

President JSMUAANA

Mohammad Amir

It gives me great honor and privilege to serve as you JSMUAANA President for 2024. I am the graduate of class of 89/90 and have been part of our alumni for the last several years. I have severed in various capacities and now I am humbled for your trust as the president. My vision is to grow our alumni as one of the most vibrant and strong in all APPNA. Our strength is our membership, and my goal is to grow it in an exponential manner this year and for this reason I have made a membership committee which includes members from senior and junior batches.

Our EC is planning some wonderful programs this year including a retreat in Dallas and winter meeting in Karachi. As I mentioned, the strength of any organization is its membership which is dynamic and involved. I am extending this invitation to all members to become part of the organization and help it grow. I would like to give my deep hearted appreciation to all the seniors that have guided me to this point, and I welcome all new members to become part of JSMUAANA.

I would also like to commend Dr Arif Shafi for a successful 2023 as president. The EC under the guidance of Dr Taqi Azam as Executive director achieved a lot last year including the Golden Jubilee program in Karachi. I cannot applaud enough the work done by Dr Maliha Ahsan in forever in our heart project.

At the end I am sure that we will all work together to help our mother institution to grow further. There are a few projects that we will be collaborating with JSMU and will bring more details soon.

Humbly serving as your President & Looking forward to a successful year.

Mohammad Amir, MD
JSMUAANA President 2024

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