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Message from JSMUAANA President

President JSMUAANA

Arif Shafi

Assalamu ‘Alaikum and Happy New Year,

This year I have the opportunity to assume the role of JSMUAANA president. I have big shoes to fill following the successful and zealous work of my predecessors and seniors but with your cooperation and support from the EC and BOT, we will continue to grow and amaze.

I would like to acknowledge the remarkable work done by Dr. Maleeha Ahsan as 2023 President and Dr Taqi Azam as Executive Director. Taqi is also putting endless hours as the JSMUAANA Golden Jubilee Committee Chair alongside Dr. Younus Ismail, Mohammed Amir, and Maleeha Ahsan.

As we head into the new year, I would like to emphasize that we all should make every effort to attend Golden Jubilee celebration in the first weekend of March. Information for the event is on our website.

Our motto for 2023 is to Do More. This means we will continue our philanthropic activities both here and in Pakistan, increase our membership, establish close coordination with APPNA, and help the JSMU VC in all his efforts to make education in our mother institution second to none.

Of course, I will depend on the support of our newly elected EC members to realize these goals. Those members are:

Dr. Maleeha Ahsan – 2022 President

Dr Mohammed Amir – 2024 President Elect

Dr. Muhammad Farrukh S Malik – Secretary

Dr Mujeeb Shad – Treasurer

Dr Taqi Azam – Executive Director

Thank you again for extending this opportunity to me and I hope that I meet the expectations this community has bestowed upon me.

Best Regards,

Arif Shafi – 2023 President


We are also planning for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations being held in Karachi from 3/3/23-3/5/23 IA, we are expecting that many of our members will be attending.

On National Health Day, JSMUAANA organized a free clinic at the APPNA clinic in Westmont IL along with APPNA and PPS. It was well attended.

A new Council was elected unopposed and announced for 2023 at end of October.

Dr Arif Shafi


Dr Mujeeb-ud-din Shad


Dr Mohammed Amir

President elect

Dr Maleeha Ahsan

Past President

Dr Farrukh Malik

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