Annual Retreat 2021, Houston Marriott, Sugarland, Texas




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Message from the President

  Dear JSMAANA Members, It is a great honor for me to serve as a president of our alumni. This honor also brings responsibilities, which I am fully aware of and will try my best to fulfill them with your support and coordination. 2020 was an exceedingly difficult year for many and will be marked as the COVID-19 pandemic year by many historians and have undoubtedly affected many souls around the globe. Although we are in 2021 but we will continue to remember frontline healthcare workers throughout the world for their heroic efforts, their compassion for humanity, selfless love with their profession, and sacrifices of many of their lives. This year is also filled with fear and uncertainty, but JSMUAANA Members are held together by unparalleled grit and talent. Our work to stop this pandemic is not yet done, but we have faced many challenges before and together we will come out stronger on the other side. We are living in challenging and historical times. As is often the case in times of hardship, we can take hope from the incredib .... readmore

Younus M Ismail, MD President JSMUAANA

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