CONSTITUTION & BY LAWS : Jinnah Sindh Medical University Alumni Association of North America

A large number of graduates of Sind Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan (now Jinnah Sindh Medical University) currently reside and practice medicine in USA. A group of SMC (now JSMU) graduates decided to form SMCAANA in a private meeting in New York in 1989. 

 First formal meeting took place in 1993 in New York. In June of 1994, SMCAANA joined APPNA. SMCAANA (now JSMUAANA) initial mission was to establish a network or platform for graduates and to assist/guide new graduates who were seeking residencies or post-graduate medical education in Pakistan and USA. Lean More


History of Sindh Medical College

Sindh Medical College was established in 1973, within the compound of Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center. (JPMC). It opened its doors to its first batch of students on April 9th 1973. Dr. Khawaja Moin was the first principal of Sindh Medical College.

Sindh Medical College was among the new medical colleges established in the early seventies by the Government of the Late Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. It was the second medical college in the city of Karachi, after Dow medical college and was the third medical college in the province of Sindh after Dow and Liaquat Medical College.. Learn More

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Message from the President

  Dear JSMUAANA family As Salam Alaekum,   Happy New Year I am humbled and honored by the responsibility bestowed on me by all of you! I will try my best to come up to the standards set by my predecessors .I would like to congratulate Dr Younus Ismail on completing a very successful year in which he accomplished a lot under some very trying times! Our goal will be to continue to provide services to our Alma mater be it the lecture series or education through the genetic monthly conferences or setting up the Genetic lab itself. We will also try to increase awareness and education of mental health issues and partner with our local JSMU alumni to achieve this goal Insha’Allah! In the last few years, we have also provided services to our own local communities in the USA and will continue to do so. Our goal will also be to increase our membership and make JSMUAANA the most vibrant Alumni of APPNA! I would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Rizwan Naeem for the exemplary services he provided JSMUAANA as an Executive Director .... readmore

Maleeha Ahsan, MD President JSMUAANA

Join JSMUAANA to support your alma mater ---- JSMU

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