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Message from General Secretary

General Secretary JSMUAANA

Mohammad Amir

I am thankful to JSMUAANA members for trusting me and electing me over the last three years for the position of Treasurer, General Secretary, and now President for 2024. I will try my best to fulfill your expectation for the betterment of our organization

I am a graduate of the 89/90 batch and have been serving in JSMUAANA for the past 2 years first as treasurer and now as secretary. Love for my alma mater has driven me to serve our alumni here in the US. I want to give back to my university and help students in achieving their goals. The alumni have worked on several projects for our JSMU in the last few years and I am very proud of being a part of them.

As president-elect for 2023, I will help the EC to arrange the most wonderful Golden Jubilee celebrations of JSMU in Karachi. I also plan to work with the administration of JSMU to help the students get clinical rotations and residency training in the US.

The best days of JSMUAANA have yet to come, and with your support, we will achieve them soon.


Mohammad Amir

General Secretary 2022, JSMUAANA

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