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Message from JSMUAANA Executive Director

Executive Director JSMUAANA

Sayed Taqi Azam, MD

Dear JSMUAANA Members, Assalam Alaikum

It is my privilege and honor to serve as your Executive Director and to accept the responsibilities that your trust has entitled me to. I am very excited and optimistic about the future of our JSMUAANA.

Our association is committed to continuing to build and strengthen our Alumni through effective communication and providing opportunities for members to participate and make a lasting difference. I would like to build a strong Alumni that can play a crucial role in building the physician community of North America.

I would like to set the overall goals for our Alumni association for the next few years. With the involvement of alumni, and working together as a unit, I am very confident that we will achieve our goals:

1- Strengthen the membership Committee to increase alumni memberships. Our goal is to make new members especially adding younger alumni. This will help us represent a strong Alumni in APPNA.

2- Continue to support our university and affiliated institutions and share our clinical knowledge and expertise with students.

3- Help young physicians, by educating them to pursue their dreams both in Pakistan and globally.

4- Strengthen JSMUAANA Education Committee to create a process for long-term and sustained support for students.

5- Improve involvement and engagement of members in our Alma Mater

6- Strive to continue helping communities when they need our help like in the recent Flood in Pakistan. The Alumni have been incredibly supportive in past disaster reliefs.

7- Support Existing programs like Genetic labs, GI Labs, and Psychiatry programs.

8- Build and groom strong partnerships with Local and international JSMUAANA Alumni.

9- Encourage Alumni members to give back to our Mother Institution with their KAP, knowledge, attitude, and practices, helping to thrive as a great institution.

10- Help JSMU celebrate Golden Jubilee, 1973-2023. It is a great milestone.

United, we can build a stronger Alma Mater, and become a great Alumni association that will enhance our reputation and set an example for other associations to follow.

So, dear fellow alumni member, help your association make 2023 a memorable year by involving and participating in our GOLDEN JUBILEE programs.

Our GOLDEN JUBILEE programs are PLANNED from Friday, March 3rd, to Sunday, March,5th 2023. I look forward to seeing all my JSMUAANA’S at the Golden jubilee in Karachi and let’s have a great time together in Karachi, Pakistan.

Please stay in touch with your alma mater and if you are interested in participating in the Alumni, we would love to hear from you via phone, email, or text.

I look forward to seeing and working with you all.

Syed Taqi Azam, MD, MPH.

Executive Director, JSMUAANA

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