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Dontation For Flood

Collection- Donation | Flood

By now all of us have heard and seen the devastation and havoc that the monsoon season and floods ha read more

Golden Jubilee

JSMUAANA Golden Jubilee 2023

Join us to celebrate JSMUAANA Golden Jubilee Celebration. Registration will be open soon on

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Jinnah Sindh Medical University Alumni Association of North America

A large number of graduates of Sind Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan (now Jinnah Sindh Medical University) currently reside and practice medicine in USA. A group of SMC (now JSMU) graduates decided to form SMCAANA in a private meeting in New York in 1989.

Our Journey

When the first major bulk of JSMU graduates got together after arriving in the USA between 1984 and 1985, the formation of a tight-knit, active alumni organization became inevitable.

Constitution & Bylaws

JSMUAANA (previously SMCAANA), was formed in 1989 and joined APPNA in 1994. We have created a set of ethics that we persistently abide by to ensure excellence in all our pursuits.

Our Activities

Every event, every project planned by JSMUAANA is geared towards providing support to JSMU alumni and strengthening Pakistan

Maleeha Ahsan, MD
President JSMUAANA

Message from the President

Assalamu ‘Alaikum

This year JSMUAANA has been working with our Alma Mater JSMU regarding educational and teaching seminars through our Education and mentorship program.

These lectures are on our website, and available to all students at JSMU and other medical colleges. Mentorship is being provided to students from JSMU along with externship opportunities in the USA

Another program that we will be providing educational and teaching support is the new Behavioral health unit at JSMU.

During Ramadhan, we can donate $ 20,000.00 to Food Pantry and other social organizations within the United States.

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Our Mission

JSMUAANA was initially created to provide professional and social support to the alma mater of Jinnah Sindh Medical University. However, as the organization grew, so did the potential for working on significant projects created in service of Pakistan. We want to facilitate medical education for Pakistani youth, and make finding jobs in North America easier for JSMU alumni.

Our Vision

JSMUAANA wants to actively advance and enhance Pakistan’s healthcare sector while sustaining its lifelong bond with JSMU. Whether it is sponsoring clinics, participating in disaster relief, or creating academic and professional opportunities for its youth – JSMUAANA will always have the front lead in advancement efforts.

Participate in JSMUAANA’s Pakistan Flood Relief Program 2022

The 2022 Pakistan flood left thousands destitute, while completely destroying the country’s agriculture in the midst of it all. Join us in rebuilding Pakistan by donating to our flood relief program.

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There is never a dull day at JSMUAANA. We are always coming up with compelling projects and events that you can be a part of. Take a look!


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JSMU Alumni

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Jinnah Sindh Medical University

— Excellence in Education

History of Jinnah Sindh Medical University

Jinnah Sindh Medical University, then Sindh Medical College, opened its doors to its first batch of students in 1973. It was one of the first medical colleges established by the Government of Late Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

The college quickly developed a reputation for being one of the top medical colleges in the country, housing students from all over Pakistan and the world. To this day, JSMU continues to push out medical marvels, 1100 of which are currently in the USA.

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Our Board of Trustees

Our nearly 680+ committed members are also a part of our team.

Arif Shafi, MD

President Elect-2022

Maleeha Ahsan, MD

President 2022

Mujeeb-ud-Din Shad

Treasurer 2023

Mohammad Amir, MD

General Secretary 2022

Younus M. Ismail, MD

Immediate Past President 2022

Syed Taqi Azam, MD

Executive Director JSMUAANA 2022-2024

JSMUAANA’s Awards and Recognition

Our efforts continue to garner global attention. Over the years our team has won several awards for its pursuits.

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There Is More

Check out the behind-the-scenes videos from our organized events

Take a quick peek at our numerous projects and the JSMUAANA team – we hope to see you in our future videos soon!

Let’s Build a Strong Community Together

Join us and let us support you in your medical endeavors and cheer you on as you move onwards and upwards!

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